Assorted stuff. Again, from school, when i actually required to hold a pen in a normal manner.

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14 days of summer

One way that i can be sure that summer’s here (in case the fact that bangalore is starting to feel and smell like chennai wasn’t enough to convince me)-the bees that inexplicably decide to attack an old family photograph hanging in my room every morning at 5-ish. They’re also fairly daft and fond of my fan,so I have to pick up dazed bees with pieces of paper every ten minutes or so and leave them out on my balcony.


i thought i had lost this recording, but thankfully found it sometime last week. It’s again in a stream-of-consciousness form of improvising – i’ve noticed it’s a form where i sometimes get confused as to the distinction between speaking through my guitar, and speaking to it.
I was in a sort of a creative slump when i recorded this…it helped me realize that one of the best ways to get around a feeling of being uncreative and generally useless is to just express exactly that feeling :)

Intelligent Exceptions: Flux-1

This was the final step of the process, after working with ayurveda, which was translating the concepts into a physical form,and the execution of our final form.We used the form of a ripple as a metaphor for these concepts (of transience/imperamanence and interconnectedness-well, ultimately we only worked with transience,though we explored interconnectedness tangibly as well).


“Radiating outwards from its source, a ripple expands- a quantum of intangible energy progressing infinitely, towards no definite end, until the effect of the initial disturbance caused, is felt everywhere.

The project explores the form of a ripple and its ability to be used as a vehicle to communicate the Ayurvedic value of transience.

These principles of impermanence and timeless transition advocated by Ayurveda can be translated universally and is particularly unique in context of today’s technology centric seemingly ‘modern’ institutions that almost advocate unchanging homogenous lifestyles.

Flux is about a consistent succession of change, a dynamic flow of energy or particles across a surface to create a pattern being repeated ad infinitum with no clear cause or effect.”


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This is, of sorts, a summing up of my reflections from the first five orientation weeks of the sangama lab (i have one more blog-The awkwardly titled SAN301 Confluence Blog-which is completely empty, however.That’s where our reflections were supposed to go in the first place, but that idea got ignored).

These are “concept maps”, illustrating links i made between the various ideas we were dealing with during these weeks.