DIY Guitar Effects – 2

After a few months of work (and plenty of distractions), I have finally got a few working pedal prototypes going.

They are:

  • The Trishul Dirt box: a switchable boost/OD followed by an option of 3 fuzz circuits
  • Craig Anderton’s Dual Voice Filter – built from a musikding kit, this contains two bandpass filters at a low and high frequency range. My plan was to mod it to act as a wah pedal, but the sweep doesn’t reseemble an actual wah.
  • The Clari(not) – an awesomely fun envelope controlled delay/modulation box
  • The Envelope Filter from outer Space: Based off an MFOS design, I modded it to add sidechain input, a resonance knob and a band pass option (nicer for guitar). It’s more fully featured now, but could still use controls for attack as well as an overall gain knob (it’s really loud right now).

Here is a video showing as much of the pedals as I could in 40 seconds:

Banana apparati

A post shared by Saurabh Levin (@saurabhlevin) on


And another demonstrating the sidechain input of the Envelope filter. I’m using a volca beats to control the sweep of the bandpass filter:




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