DIY Guitar effects

For a while now, I’ve been obsessing over a (mostly) DIY music setup. The first step was to build a set of effects and studio tools for my guitar. Here are the circuits I’ve got up and running so far:

  • Fuzz factory.
  • One knob dirt boxes – Ritual Black Fuzz  + EQD Speaker Cranker + EQD acapulco Gold
  • Envelope following low pass filter
  • Clari(not) noise delay
  • Dual Voice Filter – two band pass filters + distortion for a cocked wah effect
  • A Phase 90 clone
  • BA328 based equalizer
  • Engineer’s thumb Compressor (still needs some troubleshooting)
  • A patchbay + signal splitter/mixer

It isn’t easy to find hammond enclosures cheaply in India, so I’m trying to think of an alternative ….maybe a eurorack-ish format with aluminium plates sitting between railings. That way I could add and remove modules as needed.

For now they sit in plastic electrical boxes that can be found in most hardware stores.

Here is a video of a few of the effects:



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